What do all those abreviations before and behind the dogs' names mean? 

  • AKC is the American Kennel Club, they are a  USA registration club, as well as holding all kinds of conformation and performance events.
  • UKC is the United Kenel Club, they are a USA registration club, they offer conformation and performance events. Their focus is the " Total Dog", and promote dogs that look as good as they can work.
  • CKC is the Canadian Kennel club, the Canadian registration club, they also hold show and performance events.
  • CPE is a USA based agility organization.
A dog's registered name looks like this:  URO1, UKC CH. AKC Ch. Vintage Call Me Maybe CGC, RN, CA- the "Vintage Call Me Maybe" part is the actual name- the rest are titles. A dog's call name is their at home name, like Fifi.

Titles that go before a dog's name are either UKC  titles or AKC Show titles. Titles that go after a dog's name are AKC performance titles and other registry titles.
Conformation is basically a beauty pagent for dogs, judging bone structure, movement, coat and "type. They only need stand for exam and run nicely on a loose leash to compete. It is only for intact breeding animals, although UKC offers an altered title.

Agility is a timed speed event with tunnels, jumps, chutes, aframe, weave poles and more. It requires lots of training and is performed off leash at all levels.

Obedience is a timed point event, where dogs are judged according to perfection of performing trained behaviors such as heeling, sit, stay, stand, retrieve scented articles, and more. It requires practice and dedication. There are many forms and many levels from beginner to expert.

Hunting Tests and trials are a simulated hunting event. Some are for upland hunters and others for retrievers. Birds are found by dogs, shot by a hunter, and retrieved to the hunter. There are dozens of types of trials and levels of competition. Very intense training, dedication, and even professional training can be necessary.

Weight Pull is a an event which require the harnessed dog to pull a weighted cart 15 feet in under  minute. No treats, toys or training aids allowed, so dog must pull becuase he enjoys it. Titles start at 8 times body weight. Champion titles can be up to 30x body weight pulled. Training is essential, but many dogs enjoy pulling and take to it quickly.

Lure Coursing is an event developed for sighthounds, which now all dogs are allowed to do. It is a simulated jackrabbit chase, with a 600 yard zigzagging course, where the dog follows a lure made of rabbit fur and plastic bags. They must stay on the lure during the whole course and run it in under 2 minutes.

AKC Ch. - Conformation Champion
UKC CH- Conformation Champion
UKC GRCH- Conformation Grand Champion- highest title to earn
UWP  -  UKC Weight Puller
UWPCH- UKC Weigt Pull Champion
URO1- UKC RAlly obedience level 1
URO2- UKC Rally obedience level 2
UROC  -  UKC Rally Obedience Champion
RN,RA, RE  -  AKC Rally tiles
CA- UKC Lure coursing level 1
CAT- AKC lure coursing level 1
CGC  -  AKC Canine Good Citizen
TDi - Therapy Dogs International Certified
SHR- UKC Started Hunting Retriever title
Junior- AKC started Hunting Retriever title
WC- Poodle Club of America Working certificate for retrieving
WCX- Poodle Club of America Working certificate excellent
UIC- Poodle CLub of America Upland Instinct Certified
UNJ- UKC Novice Dock Jumping
UAG1- UKC standard agility level 1
Uag2- UKC standard agility level 2
HIT- High in trial- highest points and fastest score at a perfomance event over all other competitiors
NA- AKC Novice Agility standard
NAJ- AKC Novice Agility Jumpers with weaves
OA- AKC Open Standard 
OAJ- AKC Open Agility Jumpers with weaves
CD, UD, UDX- AKC Obedience - companion dog, utility dog, utility dog excellent
BN- AKC obedience level 1
VC  -  VIP Versatility Certificate (vipoodle.org)
VCX- Versatility in Poodles excellent level
Top Ten- Placing in the top ten dogs of the breed in UKC or AKC at the end of the year. Points are accumulated by winning best of breed over an amount of dogs of their breed all year long. The dogs with the most points are ranked in top ten, and in UKC, compete against all 10 at the UKC Premier Show for Dog of the Year.