Vintage Parti-Colored Poodles

Poodles of Distinction in a Classic Color
You will probably not buy a parti poodle from us. So keep in mind- evenif you want "ju
st a pet"- that with a much smaller gene pool than other colors; it is doubly important to buy from health tested parents. Check for OFA hips and Cerf eyes at the least or you will end up with a lot of vet bills and heartache.

With our parti color poodles,  we are striving to produce Standard Poodles that are exceptional members of their breed and more specifically, their coat color. My hope is to help revive this coat color and make them the equal or better to their solid colored counterparts. The parti poodle has suffered from years of culling by show breeders and many have now sadly fallen into the hands of puppy mills. This coat pattern has been around since the origins of the breed, and have been quietly born in champion show lines for generations.

Not associated with any health problems( like in white boxers etc.) this is a naturally occurring recessive coat pattern in this breed, NOT a product of mixed breeding. 

Multicolor poodles have always been AKC registerable and you can compete in all performance events with them. All puppies bred here will be AKC registered and many of our original dogs carry the Vintage name to distinguish them in pedigrees from my solid line.  We have since switched over to just using Spirit as our only kennel name, because I feel they do not need to be sepearted from my solid color dogs. For more information, history, and photos of multicolor poodles, please see
here, or here, or here. You are also welcome to contact me for more information or clarification.

 I do full health and genetic testing, and all breeding stock are UKC GrandChampions and performance titled. We try to use solid colored AKC champion stud dogs. I raise puppies in my home, and do not have litters very often.  You will not find an endless choice of puppies that can be bought through Paypal here. We will have very few spotted puppies because we are trying to better the color by crossing out to quality solid color poodles and producing parti gene carriers to then be bred back to partis in the future. Quality is more important than quantity/spots!  Vintage Parti poodles make exceptional pets!  I do not sell breeding stock. 
It is highly recommended you get on our waiting list  and submit a $100 nonrefundable deposit if you'd like a parti- color puppy.

Our original Parti colored and parti factored dogs- all poodles can be found under the Poodles heading above

HIT UAG2 UKC BIS GRCH Vintage Attire by Amandi RN, NA,NAJ, CA, CL-1 The foundation of my parti breeding program. 5 Time Best in Show Winner! Agility dog extraordinare! Retired from breeding.


UKC UWP, UNJ, URO1, UAG1, CA, SHR, Can. CH, GRCH, AKC major pointed, Vintage Calendar Girl, CA, WC 5x Best in Show winner, multiple hunting retriever titles, and much much more. One of the most versatile titled female poodles in history!! Retired from breeding.

Living with others as part of our co-ownership Program:


UWP UGRCH.Vintage High Roller- Partifactored male carrying on Tripoli's Legacy


BIS(2x) UWP GrCH. Vintage Vegas Showgirl- our fun blue girl from Trip and Roxie


Piper. Best in Show winning GrCH, juniors dog and agility partner. Retired from breeding due to pyometria.