"Bronco" Ch. Spirit Ride'Em Cowboy

AKC/UKC Champion Bronco

Bronco is our silver male, born November 29th, 2014.  He is 24 inches tall and about 53 lbs. He is a vivacious, active dog with a solid temperament and a great work ethic. He learns quickly, loves to retrieve, and is working on retrieving in the water. He is the great grandson of our foundation bitch Spirit, and she is his very favorite friend. He has no seperation anxiety, fear, same sex aggression, and has been loose in the house from 7 months of age. He has excellent moderate angles, and clean, beautiful movement  He is an AKC Champion, completely owner handled from the Bred By exhibitor class. He has earned the special medallion from AKC for being a Bred By Champion. He has earned a AKC Group 3 award, as well as multiple Best in Group and group placement in the ownerhandled class.  He is also a UKC Champion with a Reserve Best in Show from being shown once or twice there.   He has all but one major to his AKC Grand. He also earned his Novice Jumpers and Novice Standard in UKC Agility. 

His health testing is complete and clear and can be found online at offa.org. He is VGL diversity tested. He has sired one litter with one of our older females. He is available at public stud to breeders with similar breeding ethics. He has sired 6 litters by natural breeding, as available via natural, fresh chilled, or frozen. His puppies have had exceptional temperaments and great work ethic also. His temperament and front are passed on to his offspring, and his puppies are exceptionally sweet and calm with an good offswitch. Many are AKC pointed, UKC champions or Grandchampions, and have nosework, agility, obedience, rally, lure coursing, or are working service dogs. If you need a temperament or front “fix” on a bitch, he is a dog to consider. 

Bronco's parents and grandparents are fully health tested and long lived. He has been free from health issues, soundness issues, and ear infections. He has no allergies, and grows good hard coat for a silver. 

VGL Gene Diversity Testing: Haplotype 1004/2002 and 1006/2004  Outlier Index: .17 Internal Relatedness: .04

Link to his OFA testing page

* Hips - good

* Elbows - normal

* Eyes - normal

* DM - normal

*VWD - clear

* Dentition - normal 

*OFA Thyroid- normal