UWP UGrandChampion Vintage High Roller- "BlackJack"
BlackJack is our black partifactored male from our AKC Champion/UKC Best in Show winning  GrCH. stud Tripoli, and our multi talented, multi- Best in Show winning GrCH. Roxie. He lives with my sister and her family in St. Paul , MN, all showing and breeding is conducted by me. His show career has been very limited (3 weekends total from start to GrandChampion), and he earned his Grand Champion title in one show weekend. He was ranked #3 Poodle for 2012 in the UKC Top Ten, a second generation (on both sides) Top Ten placer! He is weight pull titled as well, easily pulling over 1,300 lbs each time to gain his title in the required 3 shows. He is currently in training for agility to follow in the footsteps of his highly titled mother.
BlackJack gained a calm, sweet attitude from his father, as well as a good front, naturally straight tail, pleasing eye, long ear leathers, and tight feet. His mother imparted an eager to please attitude, as well as a short back and balanced sound movement. He is a masculine, balanced dog with no exaggeration, much like both his parents. He loves to retrieve and would fetch a ball all day long.He has no seperation anxiety and is good with other dogs and children.
We think he has a lot to give to the particolor fancy in particular, with his 3/4 AKC Champion showline pedigree.  He will be campaigned again in the show ring at 5 years +. He will be VERY selectively offered at public stud. Breeding Fee $350, $350 per live puppy, capped at $2000. Very potent stud, semen checked before live or chilled shipped breedings. We are knowledgeable in stud management and can collect, evaluate and ship semen from our home at cost, but can also take him to a repro vet at your cost if preferred.  Proven stud dog (natural breeding) with first litter of 8 solid color blues and whites on the ground in 2014. 
At this time Black Jack is 24-25 inches tall, and 50- 55 lbs.He is still black, but does have some white hairs on his back and rear. He is not blueing out so far. Born 12/23/2010. Pedigree. Coeffiecient of inbreeding is a low 3.09% on 12 generations.

Health Testing :
  • OFA Hips Excellent
  • OFA Elbows- normal
  • OFA dentition - normal
  • OFA thyroid - normal 2013
  • OFA CERF- normal 2013
  • VWD clear by DNA testing
  • NE clear by DNA testing
  • DM clear by DNA
  • CHIC # 95608
  • DNA color tested to carry black, brown, cream/white, and blue in solid and parti color. Potentially could produce cafe au lait, red and apricot as well.
  • Please verify his health testing info by clicking here and going to his OFA page
  • BlackJack has CHIC health certified parents as well as his full sister. His father is very healthy at 12 years old, and has literally never been to the vet for a health issue. His mother is almost 7  and is also very healthy, only having had ear infections that required vet care. Neither parent has so far produced a health issue that has been brought to my attention.
Jack's Show wins:
  • As a 6-9 month puppy, he finished his UKC Championship, with a group placement from the Bred by class- UKC MN 2011
  •  Won 5 out of 6 Best of Breeds over a large entry of champions and grand champions to garner his Grand Champion title- UKC May MI 2012
  • Gained a Group 2 placement from a breeder judge - UKC May MI 2012
  • Tried Lure coursing at an AKC lure coursing trial- earned one leg (he doesnt really care for chasing things..) AKC May 2012
  • Earned 2 legs towards his weight pull title with co-owner Betsy- UKC May 2012
  • Earned his final leg and his United Weight Puller title - UKC October 2012
  • First weekend as a "special" -3Group 1sts, and a Group2  and his first TOTAL DOG award for winning in both performance and conformation- UKC October 2012
  • Earned a Group 2nd award - UKC Dec. 2012