UWP, U-GrCH. Spirit Lakota Morning Star, CGC.

Star is retired and spayed, enjoying life with Dawn and doing obedience and lure coursing in her free time. We are thankful to dawn for allowing star to contribute to our breeding program. 

"Star", UKC Grand Champion Spirit Lakota Morning Star,CGC, is a light blue girl out of Ch. Autumn Hills Sawyer Brown and our AKC/UKC Ch. Refinne Wild Spirit, RN.
She was born September 3rd, 2008 in a litter of 9 pups.  She is a lovely girl with a beautiful tailset,  excellent front and rear, lots of body and ribspring, and floating, balanced movement.  Truly a sound, beautiful girl. She carries the brown gene and a fading gene, and can produce black, blue, silver, brown, cafe au lait, and silver beige for my program in the future. She has a loving, highly intelligent nature and is very active! She has high prey drive, great retrieve drive, and a hardworking eager-to-please attitude. She is quiet and easy arond the house, not needing to be crate when alone, and not destroying toys or objects. She is a fantasitc working poodle. Her foster mom is pursuing competition obedience,rally, lure coursing, and her weight pull championship with her. She has one Total Dog Award ( for qualifying in both the breed ring (beauty) and the obedience ring at the same show!)She is the fifth generation of CHIC health certified poodles in her line. She has had one litter of 8 pups, whelped on 11/30/2012. She has legs towards her obedience, rally obedience, and lure coursing titles, as well as close to her weight pull championship. 
Health Testing: See proof of all testing click here.
CHIC # 78330
Hips: OFA - Good
Elbows: OFA Normal
Thyroid: OFA Normal 
Degenerative Myopathy: OF Clear/Normal
VWD: Clear by Parentage
Eyes: CERF Normal 2011 by opthlamologist
About 45 lbs and 23 inches at the shoulder


 Star is named in memory of a very special person in my life, Nathan Vandewege, who died December 23, 2008.  He was just 27 and was one of my closest friends and one of the great loves of my life.Star is so named becuase she is the color of the awakening morning, and for the Lakota story of the morning star, which is where I believe Nathan is watching over us. His spirit, love of life and the earth, spirituality, and kindness inspired many decisions in my life and will continue to do so. He was always pushing me for excellence and proud of my poodles and breeding program. He inspired me to start hunting with the dogs as well. He is greatly missed by his family, and many many friends. His lakota heritage was very special to him; so to honor him and America's first people, my dogs will always carry some form of Native American name.

Star's Show News

  • Star attended her first show, a UKC show on April 18-19th 2009 and won 3 out of four Best of breeds, as well as a Group 2nd placement! We were thrilled at her performance and the judges loved her! She recieved all her "majors" and  points to finish her UKC championship in one weekend!
  • September 18-19.,2010Star competed her sister and mother for her grand champion title and won all three shows! So she has three passes towards her Grand Champion title. PLUS, she recieved Group placements at all three shows as well!
  • 2010 - Attains her Canine Good Citizen Certificate with her co-owner, Dawn.
  • July 2011, Attains another pass towards her Grand Champion title. 
  • July 2011, Competes in UKC Rally and Obedience and acheives her first leg towards her title with her co- owner, Dawn.
  • Oct. 2011, Finishes her Grand Champion title with two Group 1st placements!
  • May 2012: competed for more legs on her ukc rally titles with co-owner Dawn.
  • July 2012: Gets another rally obedience leg!
  • Sept 2012: Gets her UKC weight pull title in the minimum shows and another Q towards her weight pull championship! She pulled over 1200 lbs and weighs about 45 lbs
  • Nov 30 2012: Star gives birth to her first litter- 8 pups in cafe, blue, and silver beige! She was a great mom!