SHR,UNJ,UWP,UAG1, UR01, CA, GrCH. Can. Ch. Vintage Calendar Girl, WC,CA

"Sunday" UKC 5xBIMBS,3x RBMIBS, BISS, SHR,CA,UWP, UAG1, UNJ,URO1 GrCH., Canadian Ch. Vintage Calendar Girl, WC, CA, CGC
is out of AKC Ch. Refinne Scene Selection (Simon) and UKC BIMBS UAG1, GrCH. Vintage Attire By Amandi, RN, NA, NAJ, CA, CL1 (Roxie). 
Sunday is the ULTIMATE versatile poodle! She is my ideal pedigree combination- giving me the best things I like about Roxie, and our Spirit (Simon's half sister). She has the willing eager to please temperament of her mother, and the hard driving and super stable temperament of Spirit with the loving nature of both. She is more independent and less needy than my past group of dogs and has a much improved head and structure than her mother.She outmoves almost any dog she shows against, so she is a force to be reckoned with in the conformation ring and has the wins to prove it. She finished the 2010 show year as  #2 Poodle in the nation in the UKC Top Ten standings and went on to win Standard Poodle of the Year for 2010. She was # 7 In 2011 standings. is being shown in AKC, currently with 12 points (including a 4 point major) after 3 weekends. She is being shown in AkC ownerhandled, in a corded coat. 
She is a joy to live and work with. Sunday finished her UKC Grand Champion title, got Canadian championship points, earned qualifying scores in competitive dock jumping, lure coursing, was herding instinct tested, got a Total Dog Award, won a Poodle National Specialty, earned 2 Best in Shows and 2 Reserve Best in Shows- All before 19 months of age! She trained with Willow Creek Kennels to begin earning her AKC/UKC (retriever) hunting titles. She earned her UKC Started Retriever title in summer 2012, her PCA Working Certificate (hunting title) and 2 legs on her AKC Junior hunter as well.She wows judges and competitors with her style and drive in the field. She is fast, hunts hard, and brings the bird back to hand every time! This is a VERY special VERY versatile poodle!!

SHOW NEWS- Our "Calendar Girl" is pleasing  judges wherever she goes!

  • At her first show at 8 months of age, Sunday beat her mother twice for two passes towards her championship and recieved a group 3rd placement and a Group 1st! -UKC, summer 2010,MN
  • Completes her UKC championship with a Group 1st placement at 9 months old and only 3 shows total (the minimum). -UKC, summer 2010, MN
  • At the UKC Nationals, she gained a Best of Breed win over numerous champion and grandchampion dogs, including many nationally ranked dogs. From a breeder judge.- UKC Premier shows, June 2010, Indiana
  • At the Multi-colored Poodle Club of America Shows- our national speciality show- Sunday won Best of Breed in heated competition and went on to gain Reserve Best in Show! She was 10 months of age! This is the greates acheviement any dog I have owned/bred has garnered. Thank you Judge Matthew Proctor!- UKC MCPCA NationalSpecialty, UKC Premier, june 2010, Indiana
  •  At UKC Gateway Nationals. Sunday took 4 Best of Breeds over a large entry, losing only to her mother in two shows. She gained group placements, including a group 1st and a reserve Best in Show in a tough BIS lineup! UKC  October 2010, Missouri.
  • Earned her UKC Grand Champion title. UKC, Oct.2010, Missouri
  • Sunday went on her first pheasant hunt in November 2010. She did well for a young dog. 2010 Minnesota
  • Was herding instinct tested on sheep- with no prior exposure to stock animals- and impressed all who saw her with her ability to herd! MN 2011
  • Earned 2 Best in Show awards and a Reserve Best in Show in one weekend! UKC Iowa, May 2011.
  • Gained 2 points towards her Canadian Championship in a short HCC trim! March 2011
  • Won Best of Breed for the 2010 Top Ten Competition- UKC, MI 2011
  • Earned the first ever Total Dog Award for a poodle for qualifying in Dock Jumping and comformation! UKC MI June 2011
  • Got 3 Qualifying jumps towards her Ultimate Air Dogs Dock Jumping title ( 2 to go!) UKC, MI 2011
  • Qualifying run towards her Lure Coursing title - UKC MI 2011
  • Spent 3 months with Willow Creek Kennels and Hunting trainig for her retriever titles.Summer 2011
  • Finished her United Novice Jumpers title in Dock Jumping and made 5th out 18 in the Finals! UKC, MO 2011
  • Earned her first Total Dog Award for dock jumping and winning the grand class at Premier ( the first and ONLY Poodle to receive this award ever!!) UKC M) 2011
  • Finished her Lure Coursing title and a few more runs towards her lure coursing excellent title! UKC, MO 2011
  • Was # 7 poodle in UKC Top Ten placements for 2011
  • Got her UKC agility title with minimal training in the required 3 shows with a few placements and a perfect 200! UKC MN 2012
  • Gained her UKC weight pull title with a top pull of 1,200 lbs. She loves pulling! UKC MN 2012
  • Earned her UKC Started Retriever title in the minimum 4 shows! Our first titled hunting retriever! -UKC MN/WI 2012
  • Earned 1 leg and trialed for her AKC junior hunter title. AKC MN 2012
  • Earned her Poodle Club of America Working Certificate ( hunting title) - AKC MN 2012
  • Finished her UKC Rally Obedience title in the minimum shows ( with 5 days training) -UKC Mn 2012
  • Earned her second Total Dog Award for her rally Q and placing 3rd in the Gun dog Group- UKC Mn 2012
  • AKC Lure Coursing Title earned - AKC MN 2013
  • 4 Gun dog Group 1 awards and a Best in Show Award in a 4 show weekend! There were over 11 gun dogs in the group each show- UKC MN 2013
  • Canadian Kennel Club Champion title with no defeats, ownerhandled and in an HCC trim. She may be the first standard poodle ever to show and finish completely in this trim. CKC, Ontario CA, 2013
  • UKC Reserve Best in Show - UKC WI, 2013
  • AKC Winners Bitch for a 4 point major her first ever show- 2015
  • AKC Winners Bitch multiple times from the bred by classes and Best Bred by Group 2 -2016- ended her career with 13 AKC points
  • Took a year off for a litter of puppies - late 2016
  • Sunday passed away from a ruptured tumor on January 27th, 2024. She was healthy and had no major health problems her entire life, and showed no signs or bloodwork indicating cancer. People were often taken aback at how old she was in her last two years, she still acted like a young dog.  We were extremely blessed to have her for 14.5 years, and will miss her forever.
 Health testing
OFa Hips- Good
OFA elbows- normal
CERF Eyes- normal 2011
OFA Thyroid- normal
VWD clear by DNA
OFA dentition- normal
Does not carry a white/cream gene, may carry for brown. Will produce parti and solid in blue, silver,black.
40 lbs and 23 inches tall at the shoulder
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Dock Jumping (beginner) 2011

Powerful Water Entry-hunting

Herding Instinct Test

Agility competition

Weight Pull competition

AKC Lure coursing