Litter Plans

 2016 and 2017 Litters-
  • Sunday was bred to Bronco and had a litter of 9 born in September 2016- 2 boys available as of 11/6/16
  • Viva has been bred to  GrCH. Tintlet Here's your sign- puppies in silver, blue, and particolor. Both parents fully health tested and diversity tested. If the breeding is sucessful, pups will go home in late February.
  • Pheobe may be bred in late 2017
  • Piper may be bred in 2017
  • Perdita may be bred in 2018
  • Barbie may have her last litter in 2018

In order to be on the waiting list or to accept a deposit, we require references and to speak with you by phone. We prefer to meet potential buyers, and do not ship at this time. We also require a contract to purchase our puppies. We reserve the right to refuse sale.

We believe there is no such thing as "just a pet".
Initial purchase price should rarely be a factor in 
considering a well bred dog, but for the curious, our pups start at $2000. We base this pricing on the pedigrees of our dogs, the health testing completed on parents and grandparents, the included ovary sparing spay or vasectomy on all pups, our incredible puppy socialization process, the independent temperament evaluations of puppies, gene diversity screening on parents, and the multiple performance and champion titles each parent dog posesses. We use high quality outside studs, have generations of champions, and have colors that require careful breeding to achieve. ALL our breeding dogs live in our home and are also pets. 
There is absolutely no comparison between most "breeders" and us!
Check out our facebook page to see all we do with our puppies and adult dogs. Buyers interested in a serious performance poodle or highly socialized pet will not be disappointed. We do not require you to show your dog.  Call me anytime at (952) 855 3609 or email
 Expect to receive a call or email within one week, as we do not make our living selling puppies.