Spirit Standard Poodles and Vintage Parti Colored Poodles  
Versatile sporting dogs with beauty, style, and smarts.
  • Occasionally selling Standard Poodle puppies in blue, silver, black, and white.
  • Raised in an enriched environment in my home in Northfield, Minnesota. We do NOT have a large scale kennel!
  • AKC registered with Champion parents. Come visit our dogs, we have 3 generations at our home.
  • Full health and genetic testing of ALL parents and grandparents- (OFA/CERF/CHIC)
Incredibly well socialized puppies for versatile companions in agility, obedience, therapy dogs, bird and small game hunting, search and rescue, nose work, running partners, and the best pet dog you've ever owned.  
  • Our speciality is finding the right standard poodle puppy within a litter to meet your goals/needs. Not every pup is great for every job or family,so we extensively temperament test each pup, and place them accordingly.
  • Healthy, stable, versatile, and beautiful family companions that you will be proud to own
  • Our breeding dogs actively compete in breed shows, agility, lure coursing, weight pull,and obedience competitions and have the titles to prove it! Some also compete in hunt tests,  and are certified therapy dogs. We breed a few litters a year since we are having too much fun with them to take time off for puppies!

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 We do not participate in mixed breeding or "doodles". The large numbers of them in rescues indicates they do not live up to their "designer" status. Why use poodles to make other breeds better? The Poodle is the Original Designer Dog.